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1. Faux Hawk Haircut

It is a style that ebbs and flows in popularity, but the faux hawk is a useful haircut for the receding gentleman. By drawing attention to the centre of the hairline (and away from the temples) the faux hawk uses a receding hairline to its advantage. Don’t let the name put you off, the faux hawk can still be a short, subtle cut.



2. Comb Over Hairstyle

We’re not talking about a Prince Charles or, God forbid, Donald Trump haircut here. The comb over hairstyle is an incredibly popular style for men whether they’re balding or not. The comb over works well for balding brothers by using a receding hairline as the lowest point in your hair’s natural part line. This gives an artificial sense of weight to your hair.


3. Short Slicked Back Hairstyle

In a similar vein to the comb over, the short slicked back hairstyle is a neat and versatile look for men with a receding hairline. By keeping the cut short, you avoid giving too much weight to the top of your hair’s sides and drawing attention to the hairline.



4. Regulation Cut Haircut

Another haircut that draws its inspiration from the military, this one boasting more length. The regulation cut is a precise imagining of a longer-haired military cut. Combed over with a defined part, the regulation employs longer, scissor-cut sides to achieve a classic style. Much like alternative versions of the comb over, this style uses the hairline as a feature of the hair’s part.



If your hair is still reasonably thick but merely receding, you may be able to try a longer style. A longer hairstyle has the advantage of hiding the area above your temples most likely to be showing early signs of a receding hairline. A more unruly option, not every man can (or should) try the longer cut. Although with the right sense of style, a longer cut can shave years from your look.



6. Short Messy Hairstyle

For many gents, the longer look is not a viable option. That being said, keeping your hair short and neat may not be appealing to the renegade in you either. A short, textured hairstyle gives you the versatile option of a controlled length that can appear messy. Have your barber leave slightly more length toward your hairline, blow-dry to exaggerate both volume and the textured style.



A more striking style for a receding hairline is the short high fade haircut. By clipping the sides and tapering the length from the bottom up you can control the way in which your hairline is perceived. A higher fade will draw attention away from a receding hairline and toward your longer hair on top. The style is best suited to men with a hairline in its early stages of receding.


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