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Is Stress Affecting Your Appearance?

Did you know that stress can affect your appearance? Stress can affect your sleep, skin and hair.  Stress has finally started to come to the forefront of people’s mind. For years stress has been the reason for depression, anxiety, loneliness and nervousness, between the grind of high-pressure jobs, family happiness, money worries and trying to maintain a normal life, stress has become pervasive in our everyday lives.

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Get Beach Hair

In this article we discuss how to get beach styled hair.  What is it about being at the beach on a warm day, messing around in the surf and the sand that makes both men and woman's hair look great. Even for those who are follicly challenged the sea air and salt water can add volume and thickness they did not realise was there.

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Why TENT can help with your confidence

In life confidence in king. Whether that is in the boardroom, on a date or meeting the in-laws for the 1st time. We all wish we had a little bit more confidence and while TENT cannot prep you for the sales pitch or interview, we do think we can help when it comes to the confidence you get from looking and feeling great. We all walk with a little more bounce in our stride with thicker, fuller great looking hair.

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