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The Inception Of TENT

Note from the founder 


TENT was born out of a genuine need to find a solution to not only hair loss, but also to the inevitable signs of aging and their effect on men’s (and woman’s) confidence and mental wellbeing.

5 years ago a friend unceremoniously pointed out to me as I sat beneath a reasonably strong light ‘Jesus you’re going bald’, needless to say it did not make me feel good. I had always been a little wary of losing my hair due to my fathers and grandfathers barnets and this statement only further cemented my concerns.

As someone who has always enjoyed messing with my hair (different haircuts, dying when was younger etc…) it genuinely kept me awake that night; not in an arrogant way, but with a feeling that I was too young to be losing my hair and in essence my confidence.

The following morning, I decided to not stand for it and to look at all options to stop this impeding hair loss. Over the following years I did a huge amount of research and tried everything from hair strengthening shampoos through to medically advised pills with varying success. 

I even moved into the male grooming industry to gain a better insight into men’s hair and skin, what affects it, what can be done to make hair thicker and fuller, what options are there to reduce signs of aging. What became absolutely clear over the years in the grooming industry was the surprising lack of confidence within the average guy and how a good hair cut or a thicker head of hair or more rejuvenated skin can change how they feel and their whole attitude to life.

With this in mind I decided to look for a product that could truly help men (and woman) and while as mentioned the shampoos and conditioners had helped somewhat and moisturisers had helped the slowing down of wrinkles I wanted to create something that helped from the inside, was easy to take and was long lasting.

After extensive research it became evident that one almost constant in the products to help hair was Biotin (a B vitamin used to help the strength of hair and nails). Further investigation into Biotin showed that in general it is produced with a lack of purity; companies producing pills containing indigestible caking agents, sweeteners and other additives.

We therefore hunted down the best manufacturer in the UK to work together designing and producing a Biotin that was clean and truly worked to stop hair loss.

The proof has been in the pudding, after 2 short weeks of taking the initial test batch, my hair was the thickest it has ever been and I received numerous compliments (it has also thickened out a somewhat previously patchy beard).  

With that TENT was set up, the idea of the brand is to produce the best possible products to help men (and woman) rediscover their confidence.

Whilst we are starting with the best Biotin on the market to help those more follically challenged, we are already working on new products designed to tackle much more than just hair issues. Skin ageing- you’re next

I hope you come on the journey with us




Why Men and Woman need TENT in their lives

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