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Top 10 British Male Grooming Icons

In this post we are looking at the best groomed British men.

British men have often been cited as some of the best dressed in the world, however over the last couple of decades they have come to the forefront as some of the best groomed men also.

We have sat and debated these people for the list below and I am afraid there will probably not be any shocks in here.

However the one thing we can say, when it comes to looking good and ageing well, we can all learn a lot from them.

1. David Beckham

David Beckham style grooming - best groomed British men

Like him or not, David Beckham's influence on mens fashion and grooming cannot be ignored. He has brought grooming and being metrosexual in the main stream and made it ok for men to care. For these reasons he has to take the number 1 spot.

2. Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy beard wearing a Belstaff Jacket - On a Train - best groomed British men

Tom Hardy is not as known as David Beckham when it comes to fashion and grooming. However Tom's ability to look red carpet ready despite mixing a somewhat dishevelled beard and styled hair is something that every man would love to be able to pull off.

3. Orlando Bloom

Orlando Bloom beard - mens grooming - best groomed British men

Orlando Bloom has grown from the young long haired Legolas into a stylish 40something man. His grooming regime has seen him master the patchy beard (never letting it get too wild), pairing it with a well cropped barnet. 

4. Charlie Hunnam    

Charlie Hunnam beard- short hair- grooming - mens best groomed British men

From a short and unmemorable Biker Grove appearance to small time actor with the long locks starting out in Sons Of Anarchy, through to the bona fide movie star that plays the lead in Guy Ritchie movies. Charlie Hunnam has been able to grow up, build a career and define his look. Now sporting an easy to achieve short back and sides with some blonde scruff.

5. David Gandy

David Gandy style - hair - stubble - mens grooming - best mens groomed British men

David is an unsurprising addition to the list. As the top male model in the world (or certainly the most famous) Gandy's day job certainly insists that he looks after himself. Clearly a good work out regime mixed in with his grooming habits have helped him reach the pinnacle of a very tough and demanding business.    

6. Jamie Dornan

Jamie Dornan Hair and beard - best groomed British men

Before becoming an actor Jamie was one of the worlds top male models. Clearly modelling for Calvin Klein and Hugo Boss has taught Jamie the industry secrets for looking good. He can pull off dishevelled, just as well as he can clean shaven. And yes he is British, he's from Northern Ireland.

7. Idris Elba

Idris Elba beard - mens grooming - best looking male celebrities - grey beard

Bond, The New Bond? Whether he gets the role as Britains most dangerous weapon or not, Idris has shown us that ageing and looking good while doing it can go hand in hand. We also love the grey in his beard- there is nothing wrong with going grey, in fact embrace it, it looks better then trying to hide it.   

8. Jamie Redknapp

Jamie Redknapp hair - style - grooming - mens grooming - British celebrities

Before Beckham there was Redknapp. The original spice boy footballer was a talented player, unfortunately plagued by injuries. However Jamie has carved out a good television career, in part to the fact he looks great for being 47 in June. Jamie is a big believer in grooming and you can see it's paying off. 

9. Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill beard - hair - grooming - mens grooming - best groomed celebrities

Whether playing Superman or Mission Impossible baddie, Henry always looks on point. And from our point of view Henry has never looked cooler then when he's playing August Walker in Mission Impossible: Fallout. If you have the jawline and the beard ability, we would highly recommend giving that look a try, especially now during lock down.  

10. Jude Law

Jude Law hair - style - mens grooming - British grooming icon

Another who divides opinion (certainly within the TenT camp anyway). However there is no doubting that Jude has always been at the forefront of mens metrosexuality. Leading the way for the Primrose Hill gang, Jude is always looking stylish and put together (although the deep scoop tee under a blazer is not winner in our humble opinion) and he is obviously someone who cares about his grooming and wellness too.