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Why do we use capsules: & not tablets or gummies...

When taking supplements, it’s helpful to look for products that provide the greatest bioavailability to the body. Capsules offer numerous benefits over tablets.

Here are some reasons why!

1. Easy to digest.⁠

Vegetable cellulose capsules are able to break down much more easily in our digestive tract, than tablets. That’s because cellulose is a natural plant fibre, made of simple molecules that are gut friendly.

The easy breakdown means the active ingredients inside the capsule is easy to access for smooth nutrient uptake into the body.

2. Avoid unnecessary excipients.⁠

Unlike tablets & gummies, capsules don’t require the addition of binders to hold them together. Examples of binders to look out for include:

  • Anti-caking agents
  • Bulking agents 
  • Magnesium stearate
  • Sugar
  • Glucose
  • Glazing agents

It is a little known fact that we do not ingest all of the ingredients within a supplement - in fact depending on the person it can be as little as 50% of the ingredients are ingested - this is why we ensure to add Bioperine into each of our supplements, as it is scientifically proven to improve the amount of the ingredients consumed by our bodies and also improves the speed with which they are ingested.

It is also little know that ingesting supplements with binders reduces the intake further, as these ingredients can in some cases be up to 50% of the supplement, meaning that they will be consumed rather than the supplement ingredient desired.

Binders can also be tough on the digestive tract, so it’s best to avoid when sourcing supplements.⁠

3. Can help improve bowel movements.⁠

Plant cellulose has a similar structure to that of starch. Since humans do not produce the enzyme necessary for cellulose digestion, it passes through the digestive tract and lands in the large intestine.

Here, it is consumed by gut bacteria, helping them to flourish and keep us healthy.

4. Less processing.

Tablets and gummies have to go through a heating process in order to bind them together. The increase in temperature can destroy vitamins in the supplement, reducing the overall nutrient concentration.

Capsules, on the other hand, are not exposed to heat sources during manufacture.

5. Vegan friendly.⁠

Some capsules and tablets on the market utilise animal products. Cellulose, however, is a plant fibre, making if suitable for the vegan folks amongst us.


Please note that not all capsule supplements are made equal, so be sure to read the label of capsule supplements too.




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