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Why TENT can help with your confidence

Confidence is king

In life confidence in king.

Whether that is in the boardroom, on a date or meeting the in-laws for the 1st time.

We all wish we had a little bit more confidence and while TENT cannot prep you for the sales pitch or interview, we do think we can help when it comes to the confidence you get from looking and feeling great.

We all walk with a little more bounce in our stride with thicker, fuller great looking hair.

This is what you will get from us, after a short time (few weeks) of taking our specifically made Biotin you should see a drop in hair loss, thicker hair and fuller beard (if you are bearded).

We of course are not the only way to boost your confidence. Here are a few other ways 

Take Care Of Your Body

Having an amazing head of hair and great skin is great and will make you feel better about yourself, pair that with a healthy body and you will feel amazing.

I am not saying you need to hit the gym continuous in a vain attempt to become Thor. Simply exercise regularly, eat reasonably well and try to get some decent sleep.

As they say everything is fine in moderation, but too much boozing, eating rubbish, being up all hours and not exercising at all will only make you feel one way- like shit. 

Embrace Self-Doubt

This may sound counterproductive, however there is nothing better for the soul than doing something you find tough.

People tend to put off doing the hard or scary things in life- whether it is asking that special person out, travelling alone or starting own business we all need to embrace the fear and step through- this will help us gain confidence.

Even in failure lessons will be learned for future fearless ventures    

Stop Comparing Ourselves To Others

A real problem for most people in life is comparing ourselves to others.

In all ways- Why don’t I earn as much? Why am I not as attractive? I wish I looked like him or her then life would be ok.

These thoughts go through everybody’s head and the rise of social media only compounds it. Well screw that, imagine if everyone was the same, how dull that would be.

As Ingrid Bergman once said ‘Be yourself. The world worships the original’



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