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The idea of the TenT's product range is to provide a simple and effective way to help men with their grooming needs. By combining our Sleep, Hair and Skin supplements men can ensure to every aspect of their grooming needs are cared for. 

Our [Hair-supplementwill assist with keeping their hair thick and healthy, our [Skin-supplementis designed to keep their skin looking fresh and younger and our [Sleep-supplementwill ensure a great nights sleep, so everything else does all go in vein due to poor sleep. 

The trilogy set is also built to work together, ensuring that all ingredients complement each other. Some examples are: 

  • From [Hair-supplement]
    • Vitamin D helps reduce the signs of ageing 
    • Biotin helps improve skin health
    • Vitamin A, also known as Retinol reduces chances of acne and has strong skin anti-ageing properties by encouraging healthy skin production. 
  • From [Skin-supplement]
    • Collagen helps promote healthier & thicker hair and slows hair greying
    • Vitamin C has been shown to relieve sleep apnea 
    • Vitamin E helps combat restless leg syndrome & relieves night sweats
  • From [Sleep-supplement]
    • L-Glycine is the main amino acid in collagen 
    • Magnesium helps skin cellular regeneration and repair
    • L-Theanine reduces hair loss due to anxiety 
  • Supports a healthy immune system
  • Helps the building, maintenance and recovery of muscles 
  • Easing of joint pain and support of bone health
  • Reduction in depression
  • Soothe acid reflux
  • Protection from age-related eye decline
  • Help manage high blood pressure
  • Protects memory
  • Benefits against Type 2 diabetes
  • 91% of users repurchase [HAIR-supplement]
  • 87% of users repurchase [SKIN-supplement]
  • 81% of users repurchase [SLEEP-supplement]

Simplify your routine, is our term for the daily routine that ensures mens grooming and nutritional needs are met. Encompassing all the nutritional needs for feeling good and looking great- helping thickening hair, reduce the signs of ageing and enjoy a great nights sleep. 

Read more about simplify your routine here

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Simplify Your Routine

We believe that to look and feel good you need a holistic fix tackling issues from both the inside and out.

Our mixture of nootropic and nutricosmetic supplements target mens grooming issues from the inside out.

While our grooming products help you style hair and reduce the signs of ageing.

TenT products are all designed to work together, ensuring that men receive all the necessary vitamins, minerals and amino acids to help them look great and feel confident.

We use only the finest ingredients in our products ensuing to avoid using parabens, sulphates, anti-caking agents, bulking agents, magnesium stearate, gluten and glucose to name a few, that are so often found in other products.




  • Are TenT Products Vegan?

    3 of our products are vegan. However our skin product uses Marine Pedidates collagen (as it is proven to be the best available). Capsule are all vegan friendly and TenT does not test on animals.

  • Can Woman Use The Products?

    Yes, all our products can be used by by woman.

  • Are There Any Adverse Side Effects?

    One of the main reasons we decided to develop a more natural, nutritional solution is because of the lack of side effects.