Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it called TenT?

In life’s adventures very few tools are as handy as a tent for protection when the elements set in. At TenT we intend to create products and a community that will protect you from the elements on your adventures through life.

Why should I trust TenT, I have never heard of you?

We know trust is hard to gain and easy to lose. TenT was born out of a desire to produce the best possible products to help protect men and woman from issues associated with ageing. We are a team built of people with a huge experience within the grooming, fitness and nutrition worlds. Having seen 1st hand what affect poor hair, lack of sleep or bad skin can have on mental health we knew it was imperative to make the best possible products.

We source only the best Non GMO- ingredients and manufacture in the UK using a very specialist technique to produce the best product on the market. Learn more here  

What does [fol-i- kuh L] mean?

It is the phonetic spelling of follicle, as in hair follicle. Just us having some fun.

Are there any adverse side effects?

No. One of the main reasons we decided to develop a more natural, nutritional solution is because of the lack of side effects. 
A lot of other hair loss products do contain more manufactured ingredients, which can have some serious side effects. 
Be assured we rigorously test our products before launching and have seen no sign of any side effects. 

Are TenT products vegan?

Yes, TenT products, including the capsule are all vegan friendly and not tested on animals.

What is Biotin?

Biotin is often referred to as the 'Beauty Pill' because of its role in promoting healthy skin, hair and nails. Biotin is also known as vitamin H or coenzyme R and is a water-soluble B-vitamin (vitamin B7). Learn more here

Why is TenT Biotin more expensive than some others on the market?

We use the best ingredients available. We source all Non-GMO ingredients and ensure that capsules contain only 100% Biotin. We manufacture using a very special method where our capsules are hand filled. Less than 10 manufacturers in the world use this method. Meaning our products do not contain any bulking agents or anti caking agents, providing the best possible results.

When can I start to see results?

You should start to see results after 1-3 months. Many people will start to see results after only 1 month. But remember everybody is different and for some results will take a little longer than for others.

Do I need to take every day?

YES. It is imperative that you take one capsule daily. As with any supplement or medicine consistency is key if you want to see results

Do you have any before and after pictures?

Yes- Please see images below. Left image was taken at the beginning of December 2019 and the right image at the beginning of March 2020.

Before and After pictures of TenT Nutrition Biotin

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship to most of the world (with a few exceptions). We offer very reasonable shipping rates. You can find out more here 

What is your returns policy?

To be eligible for a return, your items must be unused and in the same condition that you received them. They must also be in the original packaging. The seal should not be opened. You need to return the products within 30 days after you have received the order. Please see our returns page for more details