why you need it.

We love the beach, the smells, the sounds, but also the awesome thickness and feeling it gives our hair.

So we decided to bottle that feeling and added a scent that will take you straight back to sunshine and good times.

instructions of use.

Shake bottle 1st, lightly spray into damp hair, either let it do its thing by drying naturally or add heat for quicker results.

Alternatively, spritz into dry hair, scrunch with fingers and dry to increase texture, volume and get a great matte effect.

and another thing.

TOP TIP: If you have long enough hair and want a relaxed beach curl, spray in mist into damp or dry hair, then tie hair up with a hair band and let it dry (or use a hair dryer).

Finish styling by pairing with one of TenT's hair tins.

+ For those who love the carefree, thicker feeling of beach hair

+ People who want clean products

+ All genders

+ All age groups


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