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2 Pack [HAIR-supplement] Hair Loss Prevention, For Thicker Fuller Hair




Our best selling product is built to help. 

[HAIR-supplement] has been designed with years of grooming and nutritional experience behind it, put together using the best ingredients scientifically proven to strengthen and thicken hair.  

Only made in small batches, we've partnered with the most sought-after British manufacturer to design a truly effective and artisan, hand filled supplement that improves hair and scalp health, stops hair loss and thickens hair.

Combining Biotin, Saw Palmetto & Folic Acid to reduce hair loss and help thicken hair.

While Vitamins A, D & E promote general hair & scalp health, allowing your hair to look fuller and healthier

Providing a natural, healthy alternative for thicker hair, without the potential side effects of drugs such as Finasteride.


91% of users repurchase [HAIR-supplement]


'Really impressed, my hair loss has slowed and hair has thickened.' Benjamin

Our nutricosmetic hair supplement has been specifically designed using ingredients that work well together to boost every element in having great hair.

  • Biotin- Research shows that Biotin strengthens your body’s Keratin infrastructure significantly reducing hair shedding and thickening hair.
  • Saw Palmetto- Helps prevent hair loss by reducing the uptake of DHT in the hair follicles, DHT is a hormone strongly linked to hair loss.
  • Vitamin A (Retinol)- Encourages healthy skin cell production across the body and help moisturises the scalp and helps keep hair healthy. 
  • Folic Acid- B vitamin that's important for new cell generation. In terms of thinning hair, folic acid is thought to help follicles generate  new hair in balding areas.
  • Vitamin D- Research also shows that vitamin D may help create new follicles- the tiny pores in the scalp where new hair can grow
  • Vitamin E-  Works as an antioxidant, supporting a healthy immune system by fighting against bacteria, viruses and prevents follicle clotting. 
  • Bioperine®- Is a proprietary form of piperine. Shown to significantly improve the absorption of ingredients and improve the performance of the supplement. 
  • 60% of men experience hair loss by the age of 35.
  • 85% of men and 50% of woman show significant signs of thinning hair by the age of 50.
  • Research shows getting ahead of the issue is a much more affective method for keeping a strong head of hair; hence the sooner you start taking TenT the sooner the issue is under control.
  • Reduced Hair Loss
  • Thicker, Healthier Hair
  • Blocks DHT Production
  • Thickens Beard
  • Reduces Hair Greying
  • Helps Moisturise Scalp
  • Reduces Signs Of Alopecia
  • Fights Off Free-Radical

91% of users repurchase [HAIR-supplement]

    'A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.'

    Unfortunately there is no over night cure for hair loss, we wish there was.

    No matter what route you take, treating hair loss is a long term commitment. But always remember the time is going to pass anyway, so why not use it wisely...

    The reason it takes time is because the hair growth cycle is actually quite long. All of your hair follicles on your head are in a different stage of the growth cycle.

    This is why we always see hair on our head, as it is constantly growing and shedding through these cycles - meaning it can take a long time for the new hairs to become stronger and stop falling out.


    1-3 months: 

    There will likely be no visible change in the first three months. 

    3-6 months: 

    Between 3-6 months it may become noticeable that hair loss has slowed.

    6 months +: 

    After 6 months, hair loss may have considerably slowed or even stopped.


    We do recommend taking 1 capsule per day for the 1st week and then upping the dosage to 2 per day. We do understand that this is less cost effective, however it is shown to be more effective.

    Take 1 to 2 capsules per day as part of your TenT daily regime.

    Take your [HAIR-supplement] ideally in the morning- however you can take at any time. For great hair being consistent is key- inconsistency will vary your results. 

    60 vegan capsules per bottle.  

    • SAW PALMETTO: 150mg
    • VITAMIN E: 10mg
    • BIOTIN: 5000mcg
    • VITAMIN A: 15mcg
    • FOLIC ACID: 10mcg
    • VITAMIN D: 10mcg
    • BIOPERINE® (black pepper extract): 1mg
    • VEGAN CAPSULE: 100mg

    Free from: Caking agents, Bulking agents, Sugar, Gluten, Salt, Dairy, Lactose, glucose. We also use only Non-GMO ingredients.


    No chemicals, just results.

    Made in England

    Learn more about the ingredients here

    At TenT we are dedicated to doing things the right way and producing the best products on the market. 

    The purity and sustainability of ingredients are of the utmost importance. Sourcing good quality, non-GMO ingredients is a primary focus when formulating. TenT focus on where raw materials come from, and ensure they are investigated with extensive research and testing to verify ingredients are what they purport to be.

    Unlike a lot of other supplement companies, we are very keen to remove potentially harmful ingredients from our products, ensuring a pure product. Hence why you will never see TenT producing a gummy style vitamin. 

    Ingredients we ensure are not in our products include:

    • Anti-Caking agents
    • Bulking agents 
    • Sugar
    • Salt
    • Gluten
    • Yeast
    • Preservatives
    • Artificial Colourings

    If you are using or thinking of using Finasteride, taking TenT's HAIR-supplement with it will provide a healthy balance for your hair. 

    Oh and also beware others don't steal it, as it works just as well for any gender.

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    Simplify Your Routine

    We believe that to look and feel good you need a holistic fix tackling issues from both the inside and out.

    Our mixture of nootropic and nutricosmetic supplements target mens grooming issues from the inside out.

    While our grooming products help you style hair and reduce the signs of ageing.

    TenT products are all designed to work together, ensuring that men receive all the necessary vitamins, minerals and amino acids to help them look great and feel confident.

    We use only the finest ingredients in our products ensuing to avoid using parabens, sulphates, anti-caking agents, bulking agents, magnesium stearate, gluten and glucose to name a few, that are so often found in other products.

    2 Pack [HAIR-supplement] Hair Loss Prevention, For Thicker Fuller Hair



    • Are TenT Products Vegan?

      3 of our products are vegan. However our skin product uses Marine Pedidates collagen (as it is proven to be the best available). Capsule are all vegan friendly and TenT does not test on animals.

    • Can Woman Use The Products?

      Yes, all our products can be used by by woman.

    • Are There Any Adverse Side Effects?

      One of the main reasons we decided to develop a more natural, nutritional solution is because of the lack of side effects.